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About Us

About us


Meimad3, established on 2012, specialises in the field of Additive manufacturing systems, focusing on proffesional system for commercial use and on industrial systems for small-to-medium size production batches.

The Additive manufacturing world is changing and evolving rapidly, and it can be somewhat confusing trying to find the proper solution one is looking for. Many technologies are available, differing from one another by available sizes, materials, surface quality, physical properties, costs and so on.


In Meimad3 we deliver these main applications:


  • Professional 3D printers for wax-like fine accurate models for casting jewelry items and dental structures.

  • Professional 3D printers for high-quality plastic parts for engineering or industrial design purposes.

  • Idustrial 3D Printers for Wax-like models which are used for engineerd parts or art pieces which are manufactured by lost wax investement metal casting (available part sizes - up to 2,000x 1,000 x 1,000mm).

  • Printing of Architectural models  (available part sizes - up to 2,000x 1,000 x 1,000mm).

  • Idustrial 3D Printers for Sand models which are used for steel or Aluminum sand mold casting (available part sizes - up to 1x 2 x 4 meter / 8Cube).


Meimad3 is distributing 3D printing systems and provides models producing service.

Meimad3 is an exclusive distributor for voxeljet AG.

Metal casting process is heading for the digital age

voxeljet’s additive manufacturing technology takes both lost-wax investment casting and sand casting to new heights.


The rules of the game are changing
voxeljet’s 3D printing technology empowers the casting of functional parts without the need for molds or models. Product development processes are greatly improved by digital printing of models and by short run production that accelerates functional testing of production-ready products. The process siginificantly shortens product development timetables, reduces development costs and dramatically lowers project risks. All this without compromising the quality of the project’s engineering specifications.


Investment casting: The wax-like model is printed directly from CAD files in PMMA plastic. The part goes to the foundry for processing and casting in the standard procedure (ceramic shelling, wax burnout, casting).

Sand casting: Printing of molds, including cores if needed, directly from CAD files.  Machining of the model (positive) is not required, and the mold (negative) is ready for casting parts immediately.


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