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3D Printers

voxeljet industrial 3D printers
For model sizes up to 4x2x1 meters
  • For Cast engineering parts manufactured by lost wax investment casting - Get Printed wax-like patterns without having to machine a wax mold.

  • For Cast engineering parts manufactured by sand casting - Get Printed mold parts without having to machine a sand positive  or a core mold. Bring your cast to perfection by applying new features which can only be done by 3d printing, such as internal air vents.

  • For sculptures and art cast using lost wax investment casting- Get Printed wax-like patterns with high accuacy. Apply scaling and duplicating by click of a mouse.

  • For Acrchitectural models - Get Printed plastic models in huge sizes which can be finidhed by painting.

  • For prop shops - Apply models with the look & feel of the real thing.

  • For composite compound parts - Apply innovative solutions using sand printed parts.







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