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voxeljet - Industrial 3D printers which produce

                patterns for sand and lost wax metal casting

  • Sand mold parts for metal cast - Direct from CAD file

  • Printed PMMA (Wax-like) patterns for lost investmant cast

  • Inovative solutions for production of composite compound parts

  • Large models in a single print (plastic - up to 2x1x1 meters)

Models Service - Send a file, Get a model

  • Sand cores and mold parts for metal cast foundries

  • PMMA (wax-like) for lost onvestment cast foundries

  • Art models for bronze, copper and other metals cast

  • Plastic Architecture large size models

  • Engineering & Industrial design models

  • Archeological re-constructed models

What's new?


Innovative applications:

Carbon fiber parts manufacture with printed tools



 voxeljet announces new Phenolic-Direct-Binding 3D printing method (Read here)



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