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voxeljet - Industrial production 3D Printers

voxeljet VX200
Voxeljet VX500
voxeljet VX1000
Voxeljet VX2000
voxeljet VX4000

Voxeljet’s 3D printing systems are the perfect choice for patternless, high-quality engineered parts. These systems are able to generate parts for lost wax investment casting, and sand molds for sand casting, quickly and efficently, directly from CAD files. Models are automtically produced by a layered printing process, rendering accurate, fine featured and high quality cast parts.

​​Why voxeljet?

• voxeljet systems offer the largest build space available in the field 


​​​(Wax models - 1000x600x500mm, Sand molds - up to 4x2x1 meters)​

​​​• Quick and efficient models service (can be ready to shipment in 5 days)

• High accuracy of part dimensions and good surface finish

• No design restrictions caused by tooling constraints

• voxeljet systems operate worldwide with great success

• voxeljet models are already available and used globally and in Israel

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